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Is there any content or behaviour that is prohibited on Knewio?

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On Knewio, we do not allow the following:

– Bullying, harassment and threats.
We don’t allow bullying or harassment because we want Knewio to feel like a safe place for our teachers and students. You cannot attempt to intimidate anyone, either directly or by using your influence over others.

Anyone on Knewio should be able to express their opinion in a way that doesn’t threaten another person. In this respect, we take threats of violence very seriously. Any teacher or student threatening the well-being of an individual or group of people will be removed. This includes threatening behaviour such as stalking or inciting others to commit violent acts.

– Hate speech
There is no room on Knewio for projects funding hate speech, such as calling for violence, exclusion or segregation. This includes attacks on people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, serious medical conditions, caste or immigration status.

– 18+ creations and mature themes
You cannot post 18+ creations or mature themes on Knewio. We define “mature themes” as any audio, visual, or audiovisual creations depicting explicit sexual situations, including nudity in sexual contexts.

– Nudity
You cannot post nude creations on Knewio of both real and fictional subjects.

– Pornography and sexual services
We don’t allow pornographic material or sexual services on Knewio, which we define as “real people engaging in sexual acts such as masturbation or sexual intercourse on camera.”

– Offensive and graphic creations
We have zero tolerance when it comes to the glorification of sexual violence which includes bestiality, rape, and child exploitation (i.e., sexualised depiction of minors). This is true for illustrated, animated, or any other type of content. Knewio reserves the right to review and remove accounts that may violate this guideline.

– Doxing
We have zero tolerance for doxing, which is sharing an individual’s private information or aggregating their public information for the purpose of intimidating them through harassment.

– Self-harm content
We don’t allow any profile that promotes or glorifies self-harm, such as profiles that encourage self-injury, suicide, or an eating disorder.

– Illegal activity
We don’t allow profiles that collect money for an illegal purpose, or that encourage others to break the law.

– Financial advice content.
We don’t allow any financial advice content on Knewio.

Knewio has zero tolerance for behaviors that exploit minors such as grooming. Users actively facilitating exploitation or attempting to exploit minors in this way will be removed from Knewio. We will report all users engaging in such activity to legal authorities upon removal.


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Is there any content or behaviour that is prohibited on Knewio?

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