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Skillshare Vs Knewio Comparison

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Unlike Skillshare, Knewio adopts a very different approach.
On Knewio, students subscribe to individual teachers rather than to the platform as a whole, in contrast to Skillshare’s subscription model which grants access to all content. Therefore, your students will only subscribe to your content.
With Knewio, you can sell your educational content directly to students through subscription, or pay-per-view. You set your own prices, and keep 80% of what you earn. Knewio retains 20% to run the platform. You can sell various content types (articles, photographs, audio recordings / podcasts, videos, useful links, pdf / documents / folders and pay-per-view messages) and even run real-time live streaming events – such as lessons or webinars.

Subscription Model

Knewio: On Knewio, students subscribe to individual teachers. It helps to build stronger connections and gives teachers more freedom and earning potential. ✅

Skillshare: On Skillshare, students pay for access to all the content available on the platform.

Costs to Teachers

Knewio: Teachers keep 80% of their earnings, with Knewio retaining the remaining 20% for platform maintenance. ✅
Skillshare: Skillshare keeps 80% of the revenue and distributes the remaining 20% among all teachers on the platform.

Control over Pricing

Knewio: Teachers set their own subscription fees and pricing tiers, giving them full control over their earnings. ✅
Skillshare: Skillshare sets subscription fees, limiting teachers’ control over earnings.

Transparent Payouts

Knewio: Provides transparent monthly payouts, allowing teachers to plan finances effectively. Tracking can be done via Earnings Dashboard. ✅
Skillshare: Payout structure can be less clear due to fluctuating earnings based on platform algorithms.

Control over Content

Knewio: Gives teachers full control over their content, including access levels and communication with students. ✅
Skillshare: Skillshare retains some control through its review process and platform guidelines.

Content Creation Flexibility

Knewio: Teachers can create diverse content types (articles, photographs, podcasts, videos, links, docs / folders, pay-per-view messages, live streaming) and set their own pricing. ✅
Skillshare: Skillshare primarily focuses on video content with specific course requirements.

Student Engagement

Knewio: Fosters stronger student engagement with features like exclusive updates and direct messaging. ✅
Skillshare: Offers limited interaction between teachers and students outside of course content.

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Skillshare Vs Knewio Comparison

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